In 1999, Icelanders had their first Gay Pride Parade.
It all started with people who had guts to stand in the crowd and be proud of who they are. They took their courage and pride, polished it and decorated it with some glitter then took the first step for the whole nation to be proud of who they are.
After all those years of standing strong, Reykjavik Gay Pride Parade became an event for everybody who needed that one little word that’ll bright the inner beauty they have. It became an event which reminds people that they are not alone, not rejected nor ignored but glamorous !
This year people of Seyðisfjorður (a little town in the east) decided to join Reykjavik not only by heart but also by their acts. So we had a lovely parade today. It was nice to support the first Gay Pride Parade in Seyðisfjorður.
We wish you a glamorous day !

Seyðisfjörður pride


Seyðisfjörður pride2