Visiting East Iceland

Hótel Eyvindará is an ideal starting point for a day-trip of discovering the fjords, going around lake Lagarfljót or hiking in the surrounding mountains. Here are some of the attractions that you may find in the area:



This beautiful little town is only 20 minutes away from our hotel. It used to be one of the biggest towns in the East but is now just a peaceful little village sitting in a fjord. It is also the harbor for the ferry between Iceland and Denmark. There is a lot to do around Seyðisfjörður: walk among the streets to see colorful houses, enjoy a locally-brewed beer at Kaffi Lára, visit the Technical museum or just go for a hike in the mountains ! Seyðisfjörður is also a very artistic town, where you will see a lot of sculptures and art installations. Lunga art and music Festival also happens there in July, don’t miss it! (see below)


Puffins and elves in Borgarfjörður 

Puffins are cute little birds who migrate to Iceland every summer for their breeding season. Borgarfjörður Eystri, about one hour and 10 minutes north of Hótel Eyvindará, is actually one of the best spots in Iceland to see them: about 10,000 pairs of them come to nest there in the summer (from May to the middle of August). This small village also has the title of “Elf capital of Iceland”, as many members of the hidden people are said to live in the area.

Puffins in Borgarfjörður Eystri

Puffins in Borgarfjörður Eystri



Hike to the Fardagafoss waterfall

On the mountain just above Eyvindará is a beautiful waterfall called Fardagafoss, that you can reach in an easy half-hour hike. Just take road 93 towards Seyðisfjörður and watch for the “Fardagafoss” sign on the right side of the road. Leave your car on the parking lot and follow the path to get to the waterfall.

The Fardagafoss waterfall

The Fardagafoss waterfall


East part of Iceland has many different types of hikings to offer both in the countryside and by the Fjords. You can buy very detailed hiking maps in the Information Center in Egilsstadir. Here are some of our recommendations: Fardagafoss, Stapavík, Stórurð, Hengifoss, Bjólfur, Strútsfoss , Skálanes,Gerpir area of ​​the east coast. These trails can all be done within a day and you will be able to come back and have dinner at our Restaurant


Quadbiking in the biggest forest og Iceland Hallormsstadaskogur is becoming very popular and is perfect for individuals as well as families. You can go from 1 hours up to 4-5 hour tours and you will never drive the same paths. For more Information don’t hesitate to contact us at

Horseback Riding

You can find horseback riding tours in few of places around Eyvindara. You can try to ride a hourse in the biggest forest of Iceland or drive to the Ocean where you can ride the horses surrounded by many different kind of birds and possibility to see Seals. Get to know an Icelandic farm and take a ride on the countryside close to Eyvindara. For more Information contact

Fishing & Hunting

The East of Iceland is not as advertised when it comes to fishing compare to other Regions. There are many hidden pearls for fishing from Sea Angling in Seydisfjördur and Eskifjördur and to Salmon fishing in the River Selfljot. There are small lakes on Fljotdalsherad were you can find trout & char. For the hunters we of course have the Raindeer season starting in July and Ptamigan season in starting in November. Eyvindara is the perfect destiation since it is not for from all these hunting/fishing places.

Local Festivals

Egilsstadir Jazz Festival is still to be announced when in 2014 it is held but it is always at the end of June. More information on

Ormsteiti Festival

Braedslan Music Festival