A little history

Hótel Eyvindará opened in February 2007. It was known as Gistiheimilið Eyvindará at the time, as it was only a guesthouse with 4 rooms and 3 cottages. Ófeigur and Sigurbjörg, the two owners, were welcoming the guests and taking care of the house from the end of May to the first week of September each year.

In 2009, a new building was added to the guesthouse to include 10 more rooms, along with several new cottages. Later, in 2013, the main building was extended and 16 new rooms were added, to become what is now Hótel Eyvindará.


Sibba & Ófi

Ófi and Sibba, proud owners of Hótel Eyvindará

Today, Hótel Eyvindará can accommodate up to 80 guests. In the summer, about 15 people work here under the supervision of Ófi, Sibba and their son Flosi.  They do their best to provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere so that the guests feel at home in the beautiful nature of East Iceland. Now, as more and more people come to visit us, the hotel opens for groups as early as February.

Eyvindará is a family business, and Ófi and Sibba are still actively managing the hotel and helping the staff in their daily routine. You will most certainly meet them if you come to Eyvindará!


Our accomodation options

Hótel Eyvindará offers three types of accomodation :

  • Rooms with private facilities: each one of these rooms has a private bathroom with shower, toilet and a sink.
  • Cottages: we have 7 cottages, each with a private bathroom and a porch with tables and chairs to relax in the sun.
  • Rooms with shared facilities: we also offer rooms with a shared bathroom.

To learn more about the rooms and cottages and see some pictures, please go to the rooms or cottages page!

One of our rooms with private facilities

One of our rooms with private facilities

One of the cottages in the sunset

One of the cottages in the sunset