The Northern Lights are here!!

Hotel Eyvindará is a perfect place for those who want to enjoy the northern lights. The staff  helps with the forecast and will knock on your door before midnight if they see it. Soon you will be able to enjoy them in our new hot pots and we will bring you drinks if you want to for a good price. Why do northern lights appear and what are they? Here is a nice website to see the explanation.

For those who want to follow the forecast in Iceland, the best one is

Below are some photos that our lovely guests have shared with us.

Happy northern light hunting!!

The view from the parking lot


We are happy to introduce you to…

…our new lounge!

The winter is dark and long in Iceland, so we brightened it up a little bit with some renovations. We are proud to present our new lounge!

Here you will be able to enjoy a cold drink while watching the sun setting (and rising at the same time!) during summer time or watching the snow fall slowly over the pond in winter. You are welcome to join us in this new cozy space and make the best of your time here in Eastern Iceland!

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Happy Pride Day!!

In 1999, Icelanders had their first Gay Pride Parade.
It all started with people who had guts to stand in the crowd and be proud of who they are. They took their courage and pride, polished it and decorated it with some glitter then took the first step for the whole nation to be proud of who they are.
After all those years of standing strong, Reykjavik Gay Pride Parade became an event for everybody who needed that one little word that’ll bright the inner beauty they have. It became an event which reminds people that they are not alone, not rejected nor ignored but glamorous !
This year people of Seyðisfjorður (a little town in the east) decided to join Reykjavik not only by heart but also by their acts. So we had a lovely parade today. It was nice to support the first Gay Pride Parade in Seyðisfjorður.
We wish you a glamorous day !

Seyðisfjörður pride


Seyðisfjörður pride2


Snowy season!

In Iceland, we often say that if the weather is bad on the first day of summer, the rest of the summer is going to be beautiful.

Thus, looking at the snowy weather we had this year on April 23rd, we can tell you that this summer is probably going to be the hottest ever in East Iceland!! Our staff is already hard at work in spite of the snow to guarantee you a wonderful time in Eyvindará. See you soon!



Welcome to our new website!!

Dear guests,

After a few reworks, we are pleased to inform you that this website is now fully operational!

To visit the different pages, simply click through the menu above.

  • If you are looking for information on our hotel and accomodation options, visit the Our Hotel page or have a look at our Rooms and Cottages!
  • Want to see some beautiful pictures of Eyvindará and the area? Go to the Pictures page!
  • More information about the activities to do around Eyvindará will soon be added to the Surroundings page.
  • Last, but not least, if you have any questions or want to write to us directly, the Find us page is all yours!

Have a nice winter, and we look forward to seeing you next season!

The Eyvindará staff


Eyvindará website update

Dear guests,

We are currently updating our website to bring you the best information possible about our hotel and the area. If you want to contact us in the meantime, please send us a message at

Thank you!

The Eyvindará staff

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